Project Management

Project management was and is a necessary core competence

Increasing complexity, especially in change and transformation projects, and the rapid pace of technological change bring challenges that require project management know-how.

In our practice-oriented seminars, you will learn the necessary tools for controlling and leading projects You will gain insight into tried-and-tested methods and procedures and can exchange practical experience with other participants. We will introduce you to new approaches that complement existing project management by, for example, the aspects of “holistic” and also “hybrid” project management.

PM is for us the mixture of PeopleManagement and ProjectManagement

All projects are unique and require skills that differ significantly from those that day-to-day business demands of a manager. Efficient and successful project management involves the “human interface” to a large extent.

Important competencies in projects are:

The best standards, the most innovative environment do not bring the desired success if employees do not have the appropriate know-how. Participants learn this in the practice-oriented ML-spectrum trainings.

Our trainings for efficient project management

Project Management Basics

You will learn what makes a project special and how to prepare, plan, execute and complete your project.

Typical problems and pitfalls of everyday project work and possible solutions are discussed. You will be sensitized for the various tasks in projects and with this knowledge you will be able to better master your project tasks and thus actively contribute to the success of the project.

Leading virtual project teams

Modern media have revolutionized the world of work. As a result, new forms of collaboration have emerged worldwide – especially in the management of projects. From a technical point of view, it hardly matters whether the colleague has his workplace at the location or whether overseas collaboration is part of the daily project routine.

What works well in conventional teams cannot be transferred 1:1 to virtual teams. Project managers as well as project team members are therefore challenged to build up a variety of competencies in order to lead projects of virtual project teams to success.

The participants recognize where the opportunities and risks of virtual collaboration lie. It will be shown which aspects the participants should pay special attention to when leading a virtual team.

Project success through professional project marketing

Today, more than ever, the success of projects depends not only on good project planning and management. Interdisciplinary project teams, complex stakeholder structures and diverse target group requirements on the customer, partner and supplier side influence the acceptance and sustainable success of projects At the same time, budget and resource margins are getting tighter and project managers are fighting resistance and rejection. Therefore, target group-specific communication and marketing of the project are all the more important and yet often neglected.

With professional project marketing, project managers can strategically secure their project success as well as positively influence the execution and progress of the project.

Take your project management to a new level with us!

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