Face to face training

Contemporary face-to-face training - practice for the real thing

In our face-to-face training sessions, we create shared experiences, deepen social interaction and test how to deal with each other in real-life situations. Whether coaching, training, events and large group events:
You receive interactive, practice-relevant concepts that increase the joy of learning and the transfer to everyday life.

You have the choice between “standard trainings” and “customized offers”.
If you opt for our standardized offerings, you can start training promptly – if required, with a larger number of parallel training sessions at different locations.

We develop customized offers such as learning journeys with you according to your needs for the target group and the topic in terms of content, approach and format.

Face-to-face training provides an ideal basis for active practice and collaborative learning through social interaction and direct exchange. Participants deepen what they have previously learned, for example digitally, through their own actions and experiences, and develop skills and concepts for everyday life in the group.

Real-time feedback from the trainer and targeted group exercises put the new skills and abilities into the personal work context. In this way, transfer and sustainability are already prepared and required in the training.

Face-to-face training is particularly suitable for practicing new behaviors and procedures together. Here we practice what should be transferred to everyday life with ease and success. Fixed components of these trainings include:

You are interested?

Ask us about our formats and see for yourself how you can best use them.

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