Team development

The best coaches help others find the door to their potential - at all stages of life

In our understanding, coaching is personalized support that usually takes the form of face-to-face appointments with the goal of enhancing the coachee’s personal performance and growth.

Coaching is our offer of resource- and solution-oriented support for professional and personal issues. In the sense of helping you to help yourself, we support you in finding and going your own way.
Our attitude in coaching is questioning and goal-oriented, respectful and resource-oriented, reflective and reflective.
Coaching is a trusting process in which you get to know the meaning, values and motivations of your actions better. Coaching creates the framework to work on basic personal attitudes, to (re)define goals and to unfold development potentials.

The best way to find out which coach is ideal for you is to talk to him or her personally.

Our coaching services include:

Collegial case consulting

The collegial case consultation is a systematic consultation in which colleagues consult each other on their professional questions and key topics according to a predefined discussion structure and find solutions together.

An experienced trainer introduces the method of collegial case consultation. The trainer then moderates an initial case consultation. Afterwards, the participants are accompanied in their independent case consultations and supported in initiating their independent practice transfer.

With the help of collegial consultation, the participants in this workshop can:

The seminar has workshop character. The collegial consultation takes place exclusively with the current topics and cases selected by the participants from their professional practice.


Coaching-on-the-job is aimed at all employees in contact with customers who, for example, would like to deepen their knowledge of a topic in the areas of communication, leadership or sales. The coach accompanies the coachee in working specifically on the individual topic.

The coachee increases his communicative consulting competence and thus the satisfaction of customers, colleagues or employees. Supportive coaching at the workplace enables the coachee to deal with a particularly important and topical aspect in a particularly intensive manner and, with the help of feedback, to apply what has been learned directly in discussion situations.

Using a concrete task as an example, effective formulations are developed together. These formulations are translated by the coachee into his or her own language behavior (in order to retain authenticity) and tested and further optimized in the practical phase (real conversations). The coachee receives feedback from the coach directly after the conversations and can thus optimize directly in day-to-day business – all parties involved benefit from this, whether customer, company, colleagues alike.

Individual coaching

Globalization makes the world smaller, but it certainly does not make the world easier. On the contrary, it has exactly the opposite effect. There are fewer workers and more responsibilities. And everything is changing on a regular basis.

It’s difficult enough to organize yourself and steer yourself in the right direction. It’s even more challenging to support and lead your team. You have the technical expertise to get the job done, but you’re sometimes unsure how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Personal coaching is the ideal solution for such situations. In a confidential setting, you will have an experienced person at your side who can speak at your level and with whom you can confide your personal feelings.

Individual coaching helps you to …

Who can benefit from Individual Coaching?

All managers and team leaders who find themselves in a difficult situation. All who want to align their personal goals with the goals of the company. Managers who envision new possibilities for the future and want to stay ahead of the change that is often forced upon them.

You want to grow beyond yourself or learn to profit from changing processes?

Ask us!

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