Team development

Together Everybody Achieves More

Except for a very few, all people work in a team. In this respect, it does not matter whether as a member, team leader, department head or higher in the hierarchy, even the family is a team. For optimizing the interaction of all members as a group, team development is an extremely functional tool.

It is of crucial importance how one behaves in a team, how a team is set up, how it should or could be set up and how it is managed, especially in change situations.

Through joint actions in the team, cohesion is strengthened, new team members quickly get to know each other and are integrated into the team. Not the work, but the person and the common togetherness are in the foreground.

You can choose from these and other options:

Our training topics for your team

Virtual team development for remote teams

Teams that work together exclusively virtually/remotely face special challenges. Our usual action strategies often reach their limits in everyday life. This workshop teaches skills for dealing confidently with the demands of virtual working and increasing productivity.

Promoting learning and knowledge transfer in the team

How to ignite enthusiasm for self-organized knowledge sharing in your team.

The half-life of knowledge is decreasing ever faster. Particularly in a professional context, a constant willingness to learn is therefore becoming a must and an indispensable new-work-future skill in the team and for each individual. But why do many employees find it so difficult to develop their skills on their own initiative at work, even though they find it easy to do so in their private lives? How can I, as a manager, enable my team to exchange ideas in a motivated, cooperative and collaborative manner in order to make faster progress together? How can the workplace be redesigned to promote the fun of learning and collaborating together?
These questions and more will be answered in this workshop.

Cooperative and collegial collaboration and its advantages

Cooperative collaboration in teams and across team boundaries – sounds promising and its advantages attractive. But how can this succeed? For example, it requires transparency and trust, networking and openness to the ideas of others.

By working together cooperatively, we can save time, are able to react more quickly to new circumstances and, what’s more, all people relevant to decision-making are involved.

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