Health and resilience

Support your employees to have a good day shape

Hardly anywhere can so much good be done and so much money saved as in employee health management. The success of a company also depends on the daily condition of each employee. This is determined by our mental state, by the type of personal nutrition and by our physical performance.

Why are health programmes worthwhile for your employees?

Support your employees to have a good day shape

Resilience describes a person’s ability to deal with stressful life circumstances and the negative consequences of stress. Everyone has a certain degree of resilience, which can be constantly strengthened and expanded with supportive techniques. Just as physical health and fitness are promoted, mental health can also be trained.

Even in difficult situations, resilient people manage to return to a state of well-being. Individual behaviour patterns enable them to cope well with stress, crises and risks.

You can learn this and more in ML-spectrum training courses.

Offers on the topic of health and resilience:

Resilience - competence for more flexibility and resilience

Life confronts us with different challenges and fates. The working world in particular challenges us with constant changes and hurdles. How do you manage to master these situations as well as possible and, in the best case, emerge from them stronger? This training is about identifying your inner resilience and how you can specifically improve your resilience skills.

Burnout prevention

Inner restlessness and the feeling that you are no longer able to cope with stressful situations in the way you are used to do not necessarily lead to severe exhaustion – i.e. burnout. The better your early warning system works and the more consciously you take countermeasures with small steps, the more you can keep your life in balance or get back into balance faster.

Voice and speech training

Learn in this training to prevent vocal overload and to maintain the performance of your voice permanently through a targeted exercise program. At the same time, strengthen your speaking effect!

The better you know how to use your voice and speech as a means of communication, the more successful you will be in your daily job and beyond.

In this training, you will learn how to use your voice and speech organs correctly to make a greater impact on your interlocutors and thus leave a lasting positive impression.

Healthy, balanced employees mean more productivity and attractiveness for your company.

Take the first step with us.

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