Appear & present with confidence

The art of a confident appearance

Sovereignty is an essential characteristic of successful personalities. She radiates self-confidence and competence, which is important in both professional and private contexts. A confident demeanour starts with your inner attitude. Those who are convinced of themselves can also convey this to the outside world. Posture, facial expressions and gestures play an important role here. An upright gait, a firm handshake and a friendly, open facial expression can work wonders. Preparation is also crucial. The better prepared you are for a situation, the more confident you can appear.

Mastering presentations

Presentations are a frequent occasion where aplomb is required. It is not only the content that counts, but also the way it is presented. A clear structure and a well thought-out argumentation form the basis. Visual aids such as slides or charts should support but not distract. The use of the voice is also crucial: a clear, distinct and well-modulated voice is convincing and captivating. Stage fright is normal and can even be used positively. If you recognise nervousness as a sign of your own importance for the situation, you can transform this energy into concentrated presence. Practice and experience are ultimately the best means of appearing confident and assured in presentations.

Everything for your confident appearance:

Present yourself confidently and assuredly

Speaking freely in front of a large group, preferably without “ums” and without having a heart attack? That works!

They learn to enjoy performing and interacting with listeners, learn to react spontaneously and improvise, and develop confidence on the telephone. They also learn from a professional how to present themselves convincingly and authentically without pretending. They strengthen their self-confidence and have more confidence in themselves. They know a rhetorical concept with which they can formulate and argue quickly and simply. These skills allow them to develop fun interactions.



Presentation skills

Successful and likeable presentation is one of the key skills for communicating and selling topics.

Learn how to give convincing (product) presentations with and without PowerPoint, how to present meeting contributions in a structured way and how to find the right answers to questions.

Present pyramidally, structure and convince

How can content be conveyed in a meaningful and concise manner?

In this seminar, you will learn the ability to bring your own topics and presentations convincingly to the point. A comprehensible core statement and a structured content with successful slides are part of it, as well as the individual tailoring of the topics to the respective target group and group size.

Practice-orientated seminar with examples and exercises for daily implementation,
to communicate and sell topics in a convincing and structured way.

Occasions can be e.g. product information meetings.

Dare to take the step towards positive, productive and targeted communication yourself.

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