The combination of leadership competence and implementation competence is important

Leadership quality is not a lucky gift of a few people – it can be learned. And it initially involves three core competencies: The professional competence that you or your managers already bring to the table, the personal competence and the management competence. Personal competence allows people not to lose sight of their own interests, to integrate private matters and to pursue personal goals. It is only in combination with personal competence that the a forementioned competences come into their own, that one’s own resources can be fully developed and that employees can experience successful leadership.

Continuously increase security in modular management training courses.

Management competence includes confident use of language and voice, efficient and appreciative interaction with employees, and the qualities of a manager. Through our sequential training modules, your managers gain confidence in their role as they learn about their leadership qualities. We support your managers in further questions in their daily work and in self-management and give suggestions for the implementation of the strategies.

as a coach

The role of the executive as coach – opportunities, limits and concrete application in practice. As a manager, you do not only lead by setting goals, but you often have the task of either passing on knowledge to your employees or supporting them in their daily work. This can be, for example, coaching on site/at the workplace. Learn to assess which skills and abilities are necessary for coaching. Use visualization techniques in coaching to offer your employees additional opportunities for reflection and options for action for their concerns.

Increasingly diverse generation mix - a new challenge

The increasingly diverse generation mix is a particular challenge for many managers in addition to the already complex and rapidly changing world of work. This increasingly requires a sense and openness for how others, especially younger generations, want to be managed.

The topics of our leadership training

Leading at a distance - leading with trust

Digitization is permanently changing our working world. Teams are distributed across different locations or home offices. Managers can no longer use traditional methods to manage teams that are organized virtually. The central question is how leadership works in digital times. The training deals with the new managerial quality to lead virtual teams at a distance.

Leading other generations

The increasingly diverse generation mix is a particular challenge for many managers as well as for contact persons of young/new employees (e.g. apprentice mentors) – especially in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing working world.

This increasingly requires a sense and openness for how other, especially younger generations want to be led.

This active workshop thrives on the good alternation between input, exchange and exercises. Creatively developing your own solutions is also part of it.

Developing and expanding leadership skills

Participants will learn practical tips and implementation possibilities for leading employees in a goal-oriented and motivated manner.

Without organization and leadership, chaos quickly results. Every organization, every company needs leaders who have the necessary techniques to implement goals efficiently. In this training, the demands on a leader, the reflection of one’s own leadership behavior and concrete techniques for employee and target agreement discussions are trained. Techniques for dealing with difficult employees and the art of delegation round off the seminar.

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