Negotiate professionally
& Deal Closing

Conducting negotiations in a targeted and results-oriented manner

Welcome to our website, your destination for professional negotiation training and deal-closing strategies. Successful negotiations can make the difference between a good deal and a great deal. We provide you with the tools and techniques to take your negotiation skills to the next level – whether you are an entrepreneur, business person or someone who wants to improve their communication skills.

The four stages of a successful negotiation:

Our experts share proven strategies, practical tips and insider knowledge that you can apply immediately. Learn how to master difficult negotiation situations, develop convincing arguments and achieve your goals. Discover how you can turn any conversation into a win-win situation with the right techniques and the right attitude. Together we conquer the art of professional negotiation and successful business deals – for sustainable success and long-term business relationships.

3 building blocks for successful negotiations

Positive mindset and good self-control

In order to negotiate successfully, strong, positive thinking and effective self-control are essential. It is important to believe in your own success even in difficult situations. Stress, pressure and conflict are often part of critical negotiations, so good self-control with impulse control is an essential skill.

Excellent and structured preparation and strategy

A successful negotiation strategy always begins with thorough analysis and preparation. Structured planning of your goals, negotiating positions and value stories is essential. In addition, you should deal intensively with the most important stakeholders and their interests in order to ensure solid relationship management. Based on this, you will develop your negotiation strategy, which you should continuously analyze and adapt.

Strong communication

Negotiations require clear and strong communication. You can present your value story and your arguments convincingly and ask the right questions in a targeted manner. You are communicatively prepared for the most important arguments of the other side in order to refute them effectively. You remain calm and patient in pressure situations because you have prepared yourself well mentally and communicatively.

Negotiate professionally

This training is about using concrete strategies to increase the probability of shaping negotiations in your favor. Participants learn how to act confidently and purposefully in negotiations. You will learn important tips for preparing & conducting and securing the results of virtual negotiations.

Deal Closing

This training provides you with strategic insights and practical techniques designed, among other things, to improve closing ratios. Deal closing does not only include pure closing techniques, but also preparatory techniques that are essential as a basis for successful deals.


In this eye-opening and interactive workshop, you will learn how to take your negotiations to a new level. You will learn which mindset and which tools you can use to achieve better negotiation results. This will give you much more self-confidence, coolness and focus, even when you come up against experienced negotiators and procurement experts in (price) negotiations.

The fundamental principles of negotiation excellence

What needs to be prepared?
Each participant or team brings along a current customer case for which the negotiation is prepared. If there is a presentation or other relevant documents that could be helpful, please bring them to the workshop.

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