Sales Coaching


In this form of coaching, the coach accompanies and coaches the coachee in everyday situations. An example of this is the accompaniment by the coach in the context of a customer meeting. One might think that the coach passively participates in the conversation, but this is not true. The coach is the attentive observer of the interaction between coachee and client. Afterwards, the coach goes through the conversation with his client and together they analyze what is good, what is very good and what could possibly be improved. From the greeting to the questioning technique to the conclusion of the conversation with the agreement of concrete measures. In this way, the coachee gets better and better from customer visit to customer visit.

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Salesman and sales coaching

Sales coaching is of great benefit to companies that want to (or have to) react quickly and specifically to market changes and want to use their own resources profitably. This offer is primarily aimed at sales managers, salespeople and sales teams.

Advantages of sales and sales coaching

Seller Coaching

Goal: Promote sales performance in a targeted manner: e.g. winning new customers Joint customer visit – analysis of your behavior – concrete tips for improvement – practicing new behaviors – testing during the next visit, possible contents are the complete sales process from acquisition to warm-up, needs analysis, presentation, conducting conversations, dealing with objections, closing and follow-up. With the help of the continuous feedback process, you learn directly what goes down well with the customer.

Sales manager coaching

Goal: Analyze, systematically improve, and develop sales manager qualities, lead employees in a customer-oriented manner Topics such as leadership style, motivational skills, conflict resolution, negotiation style, decision-making, assertiveness, self-motivation, self-management

Procedure (example)

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