Experienced manager

Leadership competence plus: further training for experienced managers

As an experienced manager, you are looking for opportunities to deepen your specialist knowledge and improve your specific skills.

Whether flat hierarchies or virtual teams. You know the challenges of modern working life and want to motivate your team, master complex tasks and at the same time react flexibly to new circumstances. How can all these opportunities be used and successfully implemented in management?

Lead yourself before you lead others

The roles of a modern manager are diverse. They are coaches, motivators, sparring partners and advisors. Coaching skills are essential to successfully fulfill these roles.

Effective communication is the key to success. With the right questioning techniques, you can strengthen the personal responsibility of your employees and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Feedback is a valuable resource. Learn to give and receive feedback effectively in order to continuously improve your own leadership behavior.

With the growth mindset, you focus on growth and development. In this way, you not only promote your own potential, but also that of your employees.

Systematic implementation of management tools

Strengthen team power: Discover various methods to promote collaboration, motivation and cohesion in your team – even in virtual working environments.

Agile toolset for your team: Find out which agile methods are best suited to your team and your work processes and implement them successfully in practice.

Implement changes successfully: Avoid resistance and win over your team to new ideas and processes.
Transparency and knowledge management: Create an open and transparent working culture in which knowledge is shared and used effectively.
Visualization as a success factor: Use visual aids to communicate complex information clearly and motivate your team to take action.

Fresh impetus for experienced managers

Fresh impetus from experts is essential for managers to improve their skills and adapt to the changing demands of modern management. Collaboration with experts offers differentiated insights and strategies for overcoming complex challenges. These impulses are often based on current research results and best practices and offer managers structured approaches for direct application. New ideas promote critical and creative thinking, a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. In this way, managers develop refined skills to effectively inspire and lead their teams, which increases productivity and morale and ensures the company’s competitiveness.

Practical training for experienced managers

AI in management

Artificial intelligence (AI) will influence leadership for years to come. How strong this influence will be and how you should position yourself for the future as a manager depends on many factors.
It is good leadership practice to deal with the future: It is an essential aspect of transformational leadership, as opposed to transactional leadership, to assess opportunities and risks even in the face of uncertainty and to prepare for them. Seeing the big picture and not just the day-to-day business is the basis for making good, strategic decisions, building credibility and confidence in the future and being able to deal calmly with major challenges.

Clarity creates trust: The path to transparent leadership

Discover how transparent leadership builds trust, strengthens employee loyalty and promotes innovative corporate cultures. This impulse lecture offers practical insights and strategies for managers to anchor openness and clarity in their daily actions, increase team performance and create an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The manager as coach

The expectations of employees and employers have changed dramatically in recent years as managers in the 21st century. Not only do you as a manager have to deal with a more complex working environment, your employees, especially the new generations X, Y & Z, are now demanding a completely different role from you – namely that of a coach.
Performing the role of coach is actually not that complex. You can achieve a great deal for your employees, for your team and for yourself with the most important basics. This training focuses on the 20 percent that will bring you 80 percent of your results.

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