Appreciative communication

The power of appreciation:
a deeper perspective

Appreciation means accepting the expressions and nature of a person without judging or evaluating. It is only through this acceptance of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that a real opening becomes possible, enabling a profound dialogue. Such a dialogue goes beyond the superficial, because genuine appreciation can only arise when we have understood someone not just superficially, but in a deeper dimension. This includes recognising the contexts, intentions, attitudes and attitudes that have led to certain actions.

The importance of posture

Appreciation is more than mere sympathy or approval of the views and actions of others. It is about recognising the wishes and values of colleagues, customers and employees and supporting them in expressing these. Appreciation has a profound influence on motivation: people feel motivated when they are recognised by others. If there is no prospect of social recognition, the motivation systems switch off; as soon as the opportunity arises, they are activated again.

Training courses with which we support customers:

Value-based and appreciative communication

The ever faster and more complex world of workplaces high demands on the quality of communication. Misunderstandings and even conflicts are often the result. These situations cost motivation and often lead to poorer or delayed results.

Communication techniques are the basis for actively shaping good cooperation (in the team, company and with customers). This training addresses, among other things, the conscious and unconscious communicative and motivational aspects of cooperation. The communication style (in the whole team) will change and develop.

The power of appreciative communication

Practising respectful communication creates a healthier working environment, reduces sick days and increases employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees work loyally and with a focus on success, which minimises losses due to internal resignation.

The power of appreciative communication in a company is often underestimated. The official culture and guiding principles are important, but real working life can be different: Demotivation, high pressure, increasing targets and more sick days. A clear, effective and targeted communication style can help here.

Individual solutions are developed so that everyone can identify with the result and live this form. This authenticity makes this form of communication successful.

Service-orientated communication

Service is the magic of success. Services and products are more comparable than ever.
People are crucial for customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Measures are often adopted to increase service orientation, such as: Customer counselling, smiling, redesigning the rooms. Sales techniques and rhetoric are trained.

In the end, a lot happened, but little happened.
Service-orientated communication is honest, success-oriented, effective and can be learned.

Dare to take the step towards positive, productive and targeted communication yourself.

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