Storytelling & Pitching

From storyteller to persuader

Good stories have the power to touch and inspire people. This skill is crucial in many areas – whether in sales, presentations or management communication. Storytelling can be used to communicate ideas, products and services in a creative and emotionally appealing way.
Storytelling is an excellent method for presenting concepts, offers and messages in a way that is appropriate for the target group and captivates the audience. By using suspense, metaphors and visual elements, you can make your presentations exciting and convincing.

You will learn the basics and techniques of storytelling in various training and coaching sessions. You will work out how to embed your products and services in a convincing story. You will also receive valuable tips on body language and rhetoric to make your presentations professional and authentic.

Take advantage of this further training programme and expand your presentation skills to include the discipline of storytelling. Convince your audience with creative and emotional pitches and build long-term relationships. Whether in sales, management or other areas – storytelling is a key skill for convincing presentations.

Whether general or very specific - storytelling for...

The basics of storytelling & pitching


This training course covers the basics and advanced information on the topic of storytelling. Included are not only techniques for creating and presenting convincing stories, but also psychological elements that explain why your stories can create a convincing appeal for your target group.


As a frequent highlight in the sales process, the pitch is a special element. This training focuses on various universally applicable elements of the pitch, which you can apply individually to your own pitches.
The following essential contents are included, among others:

Storytelling in banking

Storytelling can significantly improve customer communication! This is particularly true for financial advice, where advisors often resort to fact- and figure-heavy information sheets and factsheets to explain abstract-looking financial products, but only generate a low level of interest among customers.

In the seminar, you will learn from best practice how storytelling “works”, how you can “translate” abstract financial topics into the visual and living worlds of your customers, what role your customers play in the “hero’s journey” and how you can ultimately achieve customer proximity through vivid stories.

Storytelling & rhetoric:How are successful stories designed? What do stories need to contain in order to touch your customers and move them to action? Which rhetorical devices increase your persuasive power?

Customer Journey & Customer Experience: What do customers want to experience in the advisory process? What characterises “rousing” customer presentations and what distinguishes them from the “usual” standard presentations? How do you put your customers at the centre of the so-called “hero’s journey”?

Personal Brand & Elevator Pitch: What makes you authentic and credible? How can you connect with your customers through your values? How can you use your personality to build trust and convince people of your service?

Visionstory &SustainableBanking: How do you communicate the guiding values of your financial institution to your team and your customers? What characterises your “sustainability story”? How do you evaluate your customers’ sustainability preferences and how do you match them with your sustainability products and strategies?

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