ML eAcademy

Adults rarely learn only "one way".

In 2020, we expanded our portfolio to include the ML eAcademy. Here, ML-spectrum focuses on a holistic learning experience that motivates learners and leads to transfer success.

The existing portfolio of face-to-face and online trainings as well as blended learning concepts is enriched by the content of the ML eAcademy. Be it for preparation or follow-up for your learners, for independent time-flexible processing of individual contents or also for collaborative learning. Because learning does not take place in isolation, on the contrary, cognitive learning happens at any time and especially in social, interactive environments. A special focus in the design of the ML eAcademy is its social learning experience.

The options for using the ML eAcademy are scalable and thus ideally suited to your needs. You choose and we create the appropriate learning journeys from the following options for your learners in your “eAcademy”:

Components of our eAcademy offering:

This “suit” must fit you like tailor-made and not like those off the rack in the department store for everyone.

Implement self-directed learning in your organization with the ML eAcademy.

Individual time management:

Training with the eAcademy can be ideally integrated by employees into their daily work routine, personal weekly schedule and personal learning pace. Learning content is available regardless of location and time.


All content comes directly from practice for the practical use of employees. No book knowledge – only real experiences!

Directly applicable:

All content is designed to be put into practice immediately after internalization. No need to consume all content first.

Individual guidance possible:

On request and after coordination (e.g. with the social partner and of course the learners), managers can have content individually adapted and accompanied accordingly. Modular and state-of-the-art.

Social and emotional Learning

Creating a learning community cultivates constant exchange and discussion, which has proven to be an important element for transfer to everyday life. Group discussions are an excellent way to discuss topics relevant to the learning material, to network, to meet each other and to share own experiences and knowledge.

Gamification, Quizzes & Certificates:

Increase learner motivation through a variety of gamified opportunities.

Progress Analysis:

As needed, progress can be evaluated and individual course participants can be motivated & picked up separately by the trainer.

Interaction with the trainer and direct communication

E-learning courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no live interaction or immediate feedback as in face-to-face courses. Yet, as social beings, we need to communicate, ask questions, explore problems in depth, and learn by interacting with our fellow learners and trainers.
To address this situation, eAcademy allows learners to communicate with trainers and each other via private messaging, adding a personal touch to the training.

Have we piqued your interest - then make an appointment with us today.

We look forward to presenting the ML eAcademy to you in person with a subsequent test access!

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