Acquisition & new customer acquisition

Media-independent - acquisition that works

Boost your business growth with our proven training & coaching for new customer acquisition. Our approach focuses on targeted acquisition and customised solutions specifically designed to expand your customer base and build long-term relationships.

We support you in opening up new markets and fully utilising your business potential. Contact us today and take the first step towards sustainable success!

Effective new customer acquisition through a systemic approach

New customer acquisition and cold calling are crucial components of successful sales, but often present a challenge. In this seminar you will learn how to systematically implement new customer acquisition and achieve your goals with ease.

Strategic and operational methods for the sales process

You will be trained in various strategic and operational methods that are part of a successful sales process. This includes, for example, the selection of customers, personalised customer contact and the development of a future-oriented business relationship.

From the company's strengths to successful positioning

Based on the strengths and unique selling points of your company, you will develop an effective positioning on the market. This forms the basis for targeted customer discussions and the social media presence.

Identifying optimisation potential

During the workshop, you will recognise specific opportunities to improve your sales process and increase new customer acquisition.

Get ready to take your sales work to a new level and systematically win new customers for your company.

Systematic new customer acquisition: from analysis to successful acquisition

Analyse the strengths of your company, define your goals and your positioning. Determine your target markets and customer expectations. Make targeted use of existing contacts and data. Master the initial contact and prepare acquisition meetings systematically.

Stay motivated and set yourself goals for effective new customer acquisition.

The topics of our new customer acquisition training courses:

Effective telephone cold calling

Cold calling is still the most effective and at the same time least utilised way of acquiring new customers and building up partners. Effective cold calling follows a clear and structured path that can also be applied to your business and individualised.

Participants learn how to not only build up the confidence to contact potential new customers or even known dialogue partners, but also how to approach them about appointment options and achieve commitment in order to clarify needs etc. and then effectively place their offer.

Email acquisition hacks

Emails are still a powerful tool for customer communication. There are important things to bear in mind. In this session, participants will learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes and which specific practical tips will make their own e-mail communication more effective.

Successful acquisition in social media

Social networks are more than ever a part of everyday business life. Customers who shift their own focus to social media can best be picked up, supported and acquired there. For B2B companies, this offers a unique opportunity to tap into new target groups and establish business relationships.

With a targeted social media strategy, companies can increase their visibility, demonstrate expertise and make direct contact with potential customers. Relevant and informative content that is tailored to the needs of the target group creates trust and added value. At the same time, social channels can be used to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and preferences.

It is crucial that companies take into account the special features of B2B marketing in social media. This is less about reach and likes and more about targeting experts, decision-makers and multipliers. A professional social selling concept can significantly increase sales success.

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