We have been working successfully with our preferred partner ML-spectrum for many years. The challenges of a training department are manifold and therefore require a broadly positioned partner.

Whether product, sales or communication trainings or coaching and leadership development, ML-spectrum supports us with the appropriate experts. We also find competent, creative experts in questions such as app creation or the conception of various projects.

In addition to the professional expertise, the cooperation impresses with a high degree of flexibility and reliability. These professional skills are indispensable for the approval of the daily challenges, but the lived humanity, the existing basis of trust and the certain bit of humor are the values that make our coworking so pleasant.

(Eckhardt Schwarze, Deutsche Telekom Service GmbH, Head of Fachcoaching Design)

Evonik Industries has been working very well with ML-spectrum for several years. Together, we have designed various training courses for Evonik employees, ranging from business games on business administration to a broad-based development program for the office area. The program for the office area is accompanied by a so-called Blended Learning Journey, the content of which was also compiled by ML-spectrum. In a blended learning journey, virtual self-learning phases alternate with group sessions. The learner can work on the content for the most part independently and whenever he has time for it. ML-spectrum has been supporting us as a partner in the successful implementation of our development programs for many years now. Constructive, creative and reliable. Thank you!

(Silvia Pospischil, Leadership & People Development Academy, Evonik Industries AG)

The company ML-spectrum supports us already in the 3rd year in the areas of employee training and executive coaching. Since the first in-house training, our employees are enthusiastic about the design of the seminar series by Ms. Asal, so that the training sessions become an experience every time and lead to a positive result.
We are also enthusiastic about the individual executive coaching tailored to our needs, which always focuses on the ACTUAL state in the personnel structure and its development, even logistical and organizational suggestions are included.
We are looking forward to a successful cooperation in the future!

(COO – Chief Sales Officer, bestlife AG)

The trainings and seminars conducted with the company ML-spectrum GmbH & Co. KG were discussed in advance with Ms. Müller-Laessig and modified and adapted according to our needs. The lecturers and trainers used experienced the participants as professionally competent and personally authentic and gave them good to very good evaluations.
We can highly recommend the seminars and training courses held at our company.

(Sparkasse Hanau, Human Resources Department)

In the context of a project and claim management training, we worked very well with ML-spectrum. The trainer profiles were very suitable and the conducted training was practical and was perfectly implemented by the trainer. The cooperation with ML-spectrum was very professional and friendly.
We as a company can recommend ML-spectrum at any time.

(Personnel support Allgaier Werke/PT)

“We have participated in ML-spectrum trainings and seminars several times as part of our membership in the Association of Sales Managers. The seminars are very practical, visually well prepared and competently as well as vividly presented. We were always able to take away new ideas for our daily business and develop best practice applications in dialog with the trainer.”

(Consulting and Sales Manager Legal Software Solutions, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH)

In our cooperation with ML-spectrum, we found it very positive that the selection of trainers and the content of the training was very well tailored to us based on the joint preliminary discussion. Thus, our expectations of the training could be met in full.
We also found the communication with ML-spectrum to be competent, friendly and open.
Many thanks for the good cooperation.

(HEESS GmbH & Co. KG, Management)

ML-spectrum has been a preferred partner for our company for many years. The entire team of trainers convinces by commitment and inspires again and again by quality, reliability and the very high flexibility. We especially appreciate the reliable availability of our contact persons in order to be able to realize training assignments even at short notice. In the areas of sales, call center and communication training as well as coaching and moderation, ML-spectrum has become a very valuable partner over the past years. Therefore, we are pleased to continue and expand our cooperation in the coming years. ML-spectrum thus contributes to the continuous improvement of the employees and thus of Deutsche Telekom.

(Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Telekom Training GmbH)

The training “Seven ways to sell more” conducted by your trainers is one of the first and still ongoing soft skill trainings of the Isover Academy to effectively support the sale of high quality products in the insulation trade. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the professional and very successful cooperation since 2005 and look forward to the continuation.

(Head of Seminars at the ISOVER Academy)

ML-spectrum has been supporting the Technical Service (TS) of EVONIK-Worms in optimizing its processes as a technical service provider since 2005. As the requirements of the market for our internal customers are changing faster and faster, we also have to adapt our services and offers accordingly. Important key elements in this process are transparent processes and managers who are able to steer these processes safely, workplace organization and constant performance optimization as well as the continuous development of our managers. ML-spectrum accompanies and supports us exactly in these points since 2005 particularly reliably and successfully in the implementation!

(Head of Technical Services Worms, Evonik Röhm GmbH)

ML-spectrum has been supporting Superglass since 2010 with the annual Superglass training camps in the area of sales training. Both the selection of the speakers in advance and the smooth support during the preparation and execution of the trainings is a very important aspect for us in the cooperation with ML-spectrum. The speakers are very agile and dynamic in their sales training and manage to actively involve the participants in their program and to inspire them for the most diverse topics and task areas during the seminar. The speakers’ many years of experience in the building materials industry are clearly noticeable and help a great deal in addressing the “problems” of the building materials trade in a targeted manner and introducing the participants to new ways of actively selling across the board.

(Training / Technical Consulting / Product Management, Superglass Insulation)

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