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Conflict resolution skills are essential for employees and managers to create a productive and harmonious working environment. They make it possible to recognize tensions at an early stage and resolve them constructively, which improves the working atmosphere and strengthens cooperation. These skills are particularly important for managers in order to lead teams effectively, promote motivation and ensure targeted communication. They therefore make a significant contribution to the company’s success.

Training to resolve conflicts successfully:

Communication behavior can be experienced through ...

Managing conflicts constructively

Conflicts accompany us in everyday life, both in our professional and private lives. A constructive way of dealing with conflicts can be learned if one wants to. First of all, this involves reflecting on our own conflict patterns and those of our colleagues, customers, superiors, …

That means we find out where the friction arises, how openly we listen and how we address our feelings, needs and wishes in such a way that our counterparts do not immediately fall into defensiveness and arguments.

By dealing with our own concrete conflict situations, new, immediately applicable behaviors are made conscious and integrated.

conversations Enduring and overcoming conflicts

You will learn to assert yourself confidently in difficult conversations and presentation situations and to resolve conflicts in a de-escalating manner. Especially in the current times, characterized by uncertainty and rapid change, it is crucial to strengthen communication skills. They experience the benefits of communication in the adult ego and the value of emotional transformation through affection. Practical strategies for conflict resolution are presented and practiced. This seminar is aimed at specialists and managers who want to improve their communication skills.

Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis

Solving conflicts differently
Embodied Communication

In conflicts, emotions often dominate the mind. Out of sheer anger, we can’t think of the right arguments or we are so blocked that we are at a loss for words or unable to find a constructive solution. In the worst case, we say things that we later regret.

The seminar is based on the theory of “Embodied Communication” by Dr. Maja Storch. Because: “Communication is more than the outdated ‘sender-receiver model’. Rather, communication is an open system in which many elements (thoughts, attitude, body, environment) influence each other. This is also shown by the latest research in psychology and brain research”.

Basics of embodied communication

Conflict resolution

Practical exercises/case studies

Dare to take the step towards positive, productive and targeted communication yourself.

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