Methodological competence

Basis for obtaining, processing, interpreting and presenting information

Almost a little forgotten, the competence to organize oneself and one’s workflows is gaining importance again. Home office and the rapidly advancing digitalization have massively increased the relevance of the underlying methodological competence for your employees.

In our training and coaching sessions, your specialists and managers learn work techniques, procedures, and presentation techniques for everyday professional life, as well as learning strategies for self-organized learning.

Successful competence development requires personal responsibility as well as good self-organization

Therefore, these points are also part of the individual trainings.

Work organization

This is about you and how to manage your daily work even better.

Leading meetings

It is becoming increasingly important to conduct meetings in a targeted manner and within the agreed time.

Presentation and moderation training

It should be captivating and exciting. How do I build up suspense and keep the participants attentive until the end? How does pyramidal thinking, structuring and presenting work? How do I behave as a moderator?

Problem-solving and decision-making techniques

With every decision, we rule out other alternatives. A decision-making dilemma arises. How do we learn to make meaningful decisions and name consequences? This is where methods are important to make meaningful decisions. It is also important to know what decision traps exist and how you can evaluate consequence assessments of decisions.

Time management & self-organization

Who hasn’t heard of time thieves? Identify and expose them. You go home and your desk is still full! There are many keys here to be more efficient with your time. For all these points you can get to know the corresponding methods and to try them out directly – DO (train – implement – benefit)!

Our topics for your methodological competence

Problem solving and decision-making techniques

With every decision, we exclude other alternatives. A decision-making dilemma arises. How can we learn to make meaningful decisions and name the consequences?

In this seminar you will learn methods to make meaningful decisions. Furthermore, you will learn which decision traps exist and how to evaluate consequences of decisions. You will learn practical tips and implementation possibilities to make decisions methodically fast/er and thoroughly.

Present pyramidally, structure and convince

How can content be conveyed in a meaningful and concise manner?

In this seminar, you will learn the ability to bring your own topics and presentations convincingly to the point. A comprehensible core statement and a structured content with successful slides are part of it, as well as the individual tailoring of the topics to the respective target group and group size.

Practice-oriented seminar with examples and exercises for daily implementation to convey and sell topics in a convincing and structured manner. Occasions can be e.g. product information meetings.

Future skills Self-learning skills

This training provides important insights into the topic of self-learning. This is a prerequisite for successful lifelong learning and a core competence in dealing with changes brought about by the digital transformation.

Among other things, it is about knowing why and how you learn best by yourself. It’s also about organizing your own learning and creating a personal learning plan. Everyone should find out for themselves what learning means to them and how they can influence their sustainable learning success. The choice of learning environment can play a decisive role in this.

Participants will learn methods to check their own learning results. The goal of the training is to discover new ways to learn with more ease and (pre-)pleasure.

Growing creatively with change - PowerBrain II

How can you deal with change situations more confidently?
How can a creative and more playful approach strengthen your problem-solving skills?

Creativity trains the change of perspective and our intuition. Divergent” (differing) thinking enables you to expand your problem-solving competence. Creativity is an innate ability that we can also reactivate and use specifically as adults in our everyday working lives. It enables us to keep pace with the constant changes in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) working world and prepare for upcoming challenges.

In this training you will learn how to bring your creativity and thus also your learning competence in change situations to a new level – rationally and emotionally.

Take your chance and develop your methodological competence further

- we will support you.

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