There is no such thing as the perfect learning format! Ultimately, the choice should always depend on the organizational circumstances: Is the focus on direct interaction and team building, should learning be as flexible as possible, do participants take part across locations or even across borders?

To be optimally aligned with the needs of our customers, we offer our programs
as face-to-face, online and blended learning solutions.

Face to face training

Our in-house seminars are personal, needs-based, individual and practice-oriented. You can easily choose between “standard training” or programs tailored to your needs. Together we will develop a well-founded concept that is precisely tailored to your goals, employees, needs and ideas.

Online training

Flexible, cross-media and cross-location training experience is provided by our online format. The live format works with the help of online platforms that enable the real-time exchange of audio and video data. In this way, we achieve direct communication between the participants – no matter where they happen to be.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the combination of different media, teaching and learning formats into a coherent overall concept. We combine online and face-to-face training with other e-learning elements to enable optimal learning. In this way, participants are given the opportunity to continue their education independently and flexibly in terms of time, while online and offline learning events promote the necessary exchange.

E-learning with ML eAcademy

The field of e-learning comprises much more than online training. It also includes other possibilities, such as (explanatory) videos, reading material, web-based training, podcasts or collaborative learning. With the ML eAcademy, we have created our very own learning platform that combines all segments of digital learning. Here, trainers and coaches use the platform as a perfect tool to design individual and customer-specific learning concepts and to make optimal use of the advantages of blended learning. Through their access, participants can find these in an orderly fashion and available to them – anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, forums and message formats offer plenty of scope for mutual exchange and shared learning.

You are interested?

Ask us about our formats and see for yourself how you can best use them.

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