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Discover our groundbreaking training and coaching on the megatrend of Artificial Intelligence. Our courses specialize in giving you an invaluable competitive edge by strengthening both your technical skills and your interpersonal skills. Here’s why our AI continuing education courses are the perfect investment in your professional future:

  1. Fundamentals of AI: Get a solid overview of the basic principles of AI and how to deal with AI. This will also cover the impact of AI on your work. Learn about the technologies that will drive the business world of tomorrow.

  2. Ethics and Responsibility in AI: Learn how ethical considerations play a role in AI. Learn how to counter biases in AI systems and make ethically responsible decisions.

  3. Communicating with AI experts: our courses strengthen your communication skills to be able to communicate and collaborate on a good basis with AI users and experts. This leads to more efficient workflows, clear communication of requirements and optimal use of resources.

  4. Real-world AI use cases: Immerse yourself in real-world AI applications. Empathizing more easily in more realistic situations allows you to be even better prepared for the actual situation. This knowledge enables you to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

  5. Creativity and innovation: use AI as a resource to expand your creative potential and ideas. Learn how AI technologies can help you generate different ideas more easily, allowing you to use more variance in your creative and decision-making process.

  6. Problem solving and decision making: Use AI to analyze data and gather information to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively. You can delve into unknown realms via targeted questions. This is not about automating a task, but about stimulating your decision-making ability, i.e. thinking about problems and questioning yourself.

  7. Soft Skills for AI: Deepen important soft skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, and cross-cultural communication to successfully manage human-machine interaction and strengthen human interaction in the AI context.

  8. Teamwork and collaboration: learn how to successfully collaborate, resolve conflict, and communicate effectively in AI teams to achieve peak performance together.

  9. Adaptability and Lifelong Learning: Learn how to continuously develop and improve your existing skills to better meet the demands of changing opportunities. Discover strategies for continuous lifelong learning.

  10. Hands-on exercises and projects: Put your acquired knowledge into practice by working on exercises, case studies, and real-world projects to solidify your skills.

In our AI compact trainings you develop and strengthen your skills in dealing with AI. At the same time, you strengthen your interpersonal and communication skills. Our interactive trainings and workshops offer practical exercises, case studies and discussions. In this way, we lay the foundation for you to sustainably implement and further develop what you have learned in your everyday life. Expand your competencies and opportunities – get in touch with us using the button below.

AI compact and more:

Prompt design - foundation for successful application

Dive into the world of effective prompt design and discover how to lay the foundation for successful application of AI through clear and targeted wording. This course will provide you with the essential skills to formulate precise and result-oriented queries to AI models.

Learn how to take your AI interactions to the next level with accurate prompt designs. Enroll today and lay the foundation for a successful application of Artificial Intelligence.

Using AI - lifelong learning

In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, lifelong learning is essential. Discover how you can not only understand Artificial Intelligence, but also skillfully apply it to your professional and personal life.

Prepare to master AI and stay one step ahead in a lifelong learning process. Start your journey to a future where Artificial Intelligence plays a supporting role. Register now and take the first step!

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